Deana Goldasich

Deana Goldasich

“Content is King. Connections are Queen. But, Relationships Rule!”

Well Planned Web’s founder, Deana Goldasich has a mission—to translate clients’ in-person credibility into online clout and influence. Well Planned Web helps Thought Leaders and Trailblazers find their voice online and find their audience through effective use of content marketing.

Deana’s experience includes building content strategies for multi-million dollar retailers, high-profile brands and influential government and health agencies. Today, Deana brings that “big time” experience to “big thinking” visionaries. More about Deana Goldasich

Sabrina Herring

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"Business is business. But, your people are your everything."

While many claim "business ninja" status, Sabrina's mastery of leadership and strategy may earn her the actual title. Sabrina has a passion for people, technology, operations and communication. That combination, along with her keen sense for building outstanding client relationships, quickly made Sabrina an essential leader on the WPW team.

Sabrina’s cross-functional leadership helps clients bridge the gaps between marketing, sales, operations, legal and IT. Whether she’s defining a sales process, leading a complex marketing project, or developing an in-depth ROI calculator, Sabrina brings her business acumen to every engagement and project.

Erin Hardy


“Effective content comes from unrestrained curiosity, focused contemplation and healthy collaboration.”


Combining her old-school work ethic and new-school insights, Erin has spent more than 20 years creating messaging for multi-billion dollar corporations, small boutique agencies and everything in between. She’s written for brands including HSN, Queen Latifah, Top Chef and Mary J. Blige, and created content for industries including pharmaceutical, engineering, higher education and wellness.

While her expertise spans across all channels, from marketing automation and planning to content development and deployment, Erin is passionately focused on helping clients deliver relevant content to their audiences. A true geek, Erin is happiest when she’s collaborating on white papers, case studies, infographics and e-books. As WPW’s Editorial Lead, Erin lives to transform complex topics into meaningful content.

Meraya Pegg


“Anyone can be an analyst. All that it takes is the curiosity and interest to dig deeper and find those great opportunities that no one else will.”

Meraya’s love for client collaboration is the perfect complement to her passion for proving the value of digital content marketing through reporting and data-driven insights. She uses these insights to fuel her clients’ continuous improvement while increasing revenue and ROI.

For nearly 15 years, Meraya’s innate curiosity has led her to a variety of roles in account management, project management, yield management, content management, and reporting and analytics in digital marketing, partnering with companies like Wal-Mart, HSN, eBay, Proctor & Gamble, L’Oreal and Intuit. Clients love Meraya because she’s a modern content wizard who helps them succeed by leveraging her love for account management and obsession with using data to best drive marketing strategy.

Heather Dove

“Genius is not a spark; it's a slow burn.”

Chances are, you're amongst the millions who have read something Heather’s created—she's been shaping online communication for two decades. Heather started her career powering original interactive content for dotcom pioneers America Online and HSN. Since then, she’s covered the gamut, including environmental issues, consumer health, lifestyle, and travel content for brands such as, Big Brother on CBS, WebMD, and Konsyl Pharmaceuticals.

More than a “just a writer,” Heather connects creative content strategy with a marketing mind and poetic ear. It’s all about the craft; Heather simply enjoys words and the process of brainstorming and execution. She’s on a mission to transform “marketing-speak” into meaningful messages audiences care about.