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B2B Businesses

We specialize in content marketing for the complex sale. Most B2B buying decisions require research, education and answers to every fear, objection or assumption. The Well Planned Web approach works extremely well for B2B clients.

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Complex Sales

Transactional sales are cut and dry. However, sales cycles that are six months or longer often require in-depth content, information and follow up. We break down sales complexity into manageable, marketable content that helps guide the buyer through the decision process.


We work especially well with technology companies — because we speak their language. Our partnership approach with tech clients allows us to dig deep to understand their product/service — and their unique challenges in communication, marketing and sales. 

Specialty Health/Medical

Patients are taking control of their healthcare — seeking more choices and more information. A new generation of medical providers is breaking from the pack — providing immense amount of educational content, guidance and encouragement for prospective patients.


Investing tens of thousands of dollars in a degree is daunting enough. Add to that the endless choices, programs and options and it's downright overwhelming. Prospective students are research sponges. Schools and universities must meet the student half-way — providing statistics, proof, testimonials, qualification and encouragement. Our list of educational clients is growing rapidly.


Whether it's investing, banking or other financial decisions — parting with ones money requires confidence and trust. Content that strengthens that relationship — whether it's with a business or consumer — is crucial. Our experience in the financial space has expanded in recent years.

Thought Leaders

No matter what the industry, thought leaders seem to love working with us. Most content marketing agencies are geared toward traditional businesses and corporations. But, we know businesses consisting of thought leaders are far from traditional. In fact, it’s their ability to blaze new trails and split from the pack that leads them to where they are today. And, we love that!

  • Is your business or livelihood centered around a specific expertise?
  • Are you and your associates considered visionaries or industry leaders?
  • Do you produce intellectual property?
  • Have you been labeled a “SME” – or “Subject Matter Expert?”

Your web content strategy should reflect your expertise and attract your ideal audience. 

Well Planned Web's approach works tremendously well for companies who are ready for their online presence to reflect the expertise and clout they've earned over the years.

Our Experience

Well Planned Web’s team — comprised of strategists, planners, producers, writers, marketers and search engine specialists — has decades of experience in web planning, content and marketing. Although we keep our current client list close to the chest, here are some of the many companies we’ve helped over the years — some current, some from the past. During our proposal process, we provide specific references based on project scope and type.

WellPlannedWeb Clients


"The Well Planned Web team just 'gets it.' In fact, after several years, I joke that they know our business better than we do. The Well Planned Web team transformed our marketing strategy from an ineffective online presence to a lead-generation and lead-nurturing machine. We now have messaging that speaks directly to each of our core audiences. They helped us move to a content marketing strategy that locks eyes with our prospects and existing customers and nurtures them through the decision process. The Well Planned Web team truly understands how to support a relationship-centered and consultative sales team as well as the realities of a long B2B sales cycle." 

— Mike Lozicki, CEO/President, MediaLab 3D Solutions


"The content that Well Planned Web strategized and created is our top performing content — with much bigger conversion rates than anything we've done before.

That content is now being reused and repurposed for so many different marketing efforts. Their time, energy and expertise have saved our team a lot of work.

When we hire new employees, it usually takes more than six months to get them completely ramped up and to work independently. Well Planned Web did that in less than two months. They treat our business like it's their own."

— Emily Simpson, Orbis Education

“Content and our industry go hand in hand. With great content, a truckload of ideas, and a need to quickly engage in more strategic online marketing — we had big opportunity, but limited know-how with which to make it happen on a scale we could manage. Well Planned Web was the absolute best choice in partners - with a blended background & knowledge of our customer, content optimization and how to create a hub & spoke to grow your voice and focus on ROI. Amazing. Our actionable learnings and their strategy and patient teachings ... priceless!”

Gloria Green, VP, Online Marketing

"I recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Well Planned Web. We often work with third-party vendors and even the most well intentioned vendors don't always understand your customers and your goals. Well Planned Web understands that to hit the pulse of their clients' needs and share their unique story, it is best to include the people doing the work. 

The Well Planned Web team included me in the development process right away, kept me in the loop throughout production, and really took my perspective to heart. The end result felt like I wrote the content myself. The time and care taken to make sure they delivered a product we could be proud of was remarkable. 

It was truly a pleasure working with Well Planned Web and I am happy to recommend them to any institution in need of heartfelt content marketing."

— Kandi Brown, MS, Orbis Education

“We contracted with Well Planned Web to create our IT Company’s first dedicated website, social media presence and blog to support our annual Partner Summit. With very little history on the event, Well Planned Web planned and created a site that met all of our goals in record time. Then they worked side-by-side with our corporate evangelist and the entire Community team before, during and after the event to ensure our Content and Social Media Strategy were spot on. Well Planned Web kept us on strategy and on task throughout a very multi-dimensional, fast-paced event.”

Trinka Tansley, Connectwise Partner Summit

Well Planned Web's excellent work meant that there was a clear strategy for how our work would be used, a great place to put it, and an audience hungry for content. Also - so fun to work with: working hard, but helping keep things light with lots of laughter. I can't wait to work with them again!”

Aaron Booker , Founder, Varvid

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