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"Not only did she bust out 'The Heisman' AND the 'Boom Shakalaka,' she also gave us actual strategies to use for advanced measurement to discuss with the C-Suite." 

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2022 Speech Titles

Marketing Team Longevity: We Can Do Better

Does it seem like marketers are on the move constantly? It's not your imagination. While some of this may be related to 2020's events, the other (bigger) reasons may surprise you. Whether you're a marketing leader who's tired of turnover or a marketer looking for a better fit, we've got some specific, practical steps for you.

Actionable attendee takeaways:

  • Understand why marketing has the highest turnover rate than any other profession
  • Leaders and Managers: Learn the most common myths in hiring, team planning and attrition.
  • Marketing Specialists and Mid-Level Marketers: Follow a specific framework that will help you take charge of your marketing career satisfaction.

Content Strategy: A Framework for Executive Buy-in

Why is it that some content marketing campaigns soar, while others fail? A recent survey says it’s highly dependent on buy-in from the rest of the organization. So how can you get key executives to the “light bulb” moments faster? In this session, you’ll learn from real-world examples and take away fresh techniques, approaches and strategies to gain “all-in” champions across your organization.

Actionable attendee takeaways:

  • Understand the myths that executives still believe about content marketing (and how to bust them)
  • What will resonate most with your specific executives — the “light bulb” moments
  • How to tackle the inevitable ROI discussion
  • Understand what fears and motives often blur executives’ view of content marketing How to ensure continued buy-in over time
  • Ensure your content marketing directly impacts cross-functional business goals
  • Follow a structured framework for presenting results that will resonate most with specific executives

Advanced Content Marketing Measurement – Going Beyond the Campaign

Advanced measurement requires an advanced mindset. Over 70% of us say we want content marketing to operate and be seen as an ongoing business process — not simply a campaign. But, how many of us put our metrics where our mouths are?

Key takeaways and real-life examples include:

  • Understanding the difference between basic and advanced metrics
  • Measuring content marketing’s impact on cross-functional business goals
  • Uncovering metrics that reinforce content marketing as a critical business process, not a reactionary tool

Preparing to Pivot (Again): Create a Marketing Adaptation Plan (MAP) for Your Content

Breaking through the noise is one thing. Breaking through the deafening noise of 2020 – was quite another. After this past year, your audience may be the same – but their fears, needs and emotions sure aren’t.

In this session, you’ll get a clear framework to methodically re-assess your audience and map what’s changed to a content plan that actually works.

With real-case examples and actual client stories, you’ll be inspired to lock eyes with your audience through a timely, practical and constructive lens.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

    • Understand the six key MAP areas you’ll need to review, renew or reject
    • See why the #1 rule of impactful content marketing is even more true now
    • Examine your buyer with a structured framework to plan effective content for the months ahead
    • Partner with your leaders to make content part of your business pivot – not just an afterthought campaign

Go Big or Go Home: Creating a Content Strategy That Sets You Apart

Today’s buyers are practically allergic to sales calls and marketing messages. To stand out in the sea of industry players, you either differentiate or get left behind. Content marketing can be a game-changer – but only when it's tailored to your business and your customers. In this session, you’ll learn fresh techniques, approaches and tools to deploy content marketing strategies that mean business.

Key takeaways and real-life examples include:

  • Looking beyond the “same here” marketing trap
  • The number one way to rise above the noise and lock eyes with your customers
  • Adopting the “show, don’t tell” approach when marketing your expertise and clout
  • Where to start when launching or improving your content marketing program
  • Marketing technology – identifying the right delivery and distribution tools

Slowing Down to Speed Up: How to Get Content Right, Not Rushed

Hurry up and show results! Wait…not so fast. 72% of B2B organizations say they want to focus more on building long-term relationships than on getting "campaign-like" results from content marketing. But, will your organization have the fortitude to slow down so it can speed up? Get ideas and inspiration through real-life examples and fresh approaches to getting it right, not rushed.

Key takeaways and real-life examples include:

  • Recognizing and tackling the realities behind the rush
  • Understanding the five essential practices of “long-play” content marketing teams
  • Combatting competing priorities and warped expectations
  • Uncovering quick wins that still fit within the long-term plan
  • Being "nimble and quick" without over-reacting
  • Finding fresh approaches to communicating with execs and stakeholders