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Content Marketing: 5 New Rules We Can’t Ignore

This week I had the surreal honor of attending Content Marketing World 2011 in Cleveland. I say “surreal” because I was surrounded by people who didn’t just chant “Content is King.” These people are actually running the kingdom. The overall message that emerged from the conference was simple but refreshing: Keep it Real. Make it…

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Content Approval in Gridlock? How to Break the Cycle.

The creative process in Corporate America can be chock full of…oh…shall we say…”challenges.” Last week I heard a respected colleague mention that the challenges of gaining project approvals are even worse now because of the economy. Seriously? Don’t worry. I’m not about to jump on the “blame the economy” bus. But, I will say that the…

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5 Questions to Ask Before Publishing B2B Content

We’ve been considering an “Infrequently Asked Questions” series—covering the most common mistakes B2B content teams make and how to avoid them. For now, we’re going to highlight a few of our favorites. Feel free to add your own or ask for more! 1. Did you remember to use industry jargon and acronyms? That’s right! Unlike traditional…

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Why Your New Website May Never See the Light of Day

Building a successful and impactful web presence is more important than ever—especially for B2Bs and businesses with a complex product to sell or story to tell. Today, the “creative process” is more about solving the visitor’s problem than about whether the masthead should “pop” more. So why do so many well-intentioned, brilliant web projects fall…

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