10 Ways to Ditch “Status Quo” Content

Despite what many traditional Content and Search Engine Marketing agencies claim, online content is not a magic marketing bullet. The mere act of publishing content does not deliver leads on a silver platter. Yet, the recent rush to “just write something” has misled many well-intentioned marketers into producing plenty of volume …but very little value. The result? Lackluster leads. Time to get serious about your Content Strategy.This Action Item Report was designed to help you and your team shift your collective mindset around online content development. Just say “NO!” to the Status Quo!

Inside you’ll find:

  • How best practices in online content have evolved — especially for thought leaders.
  • Why developing high quantities of content is no longer enough.
  • How to nurture leads and improve content by shifting to a “servant” mindset.
  • How to weave content around customer needs and prospect pain points.
  • What content your team must walk away from. No matter what.
  • The importance of mapping content to specific audience segments based on where they are in the buying cycle.
  • And more… 

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