B2B Buyers Have Changed.

Have You?

They Do More Research

There is more content and more resources available to B2B buyers than ever before. 

According to Forrester's latest research, those buyers are scouring those resources and only contacting a sales rep after 70-90% of the purchase decision has already been made. They're doing research and lots of it.

Bottom Line: Useful content is the best pre-sales entity you’ll ever add to your team. Notice we said useful.

Harvard Business Review

They Avoid Salespeople Like the Plague

It's sad, but simple. Buyers avoid salespeople until they feel like they're in control of the outcome. They ignore cold outreach (cold calls and cold email). 90% of B2B decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach.

Bottom Line: Cold calls are dead. Nurture qualified prospects over time with content that puts them in charge.

Their Last Hurdle is a Doozy

Buying decisions in business involve more people than ever before. Call it bureaucracy. Call it a committee. But, the reality is that the decision maker is often only the decision facilitator — and must get "buy in" from their boss, their peers...and the list goes on.

Bottom Line: Content must help make the case for your product/service within an organization. Arm the facilitator with ROI sheets, Case Studies and worksheets to help close the deal.

Corporate Executive Board 2013

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