Voice and Tone

voice and tone content

  • Does your website speak directly to your audience or does it spew generic copy written by a copywriter who vaguely understands your business?
  • Do your blog posts sound staged or sincere?
  • Do your White Papers sound credible or casual? Or both?
  • Should your case studies scream your praises or tell an interesting, engaging story that prospects will want to read?

Being a business that's made up of thought leaders is powerful stuff. You’re a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), authorities, influencers and educators. But, there’s more to building an influence online than subject matter. You must also have a clear voice that authentically conveys your specific culture, personality and a sincere interest in solving your visitors' problems. Sure, you may ooze all of these things in person—but what about online?

“People don’t buy from websites, they buy from people.”

Attracting online visitors has changed. Web visitors, blog visitors and social media followers want content that introduces them to your expertise and gives them insider knowledge. At the same time, visitors want to get to know the faces and people behind the logo. In other words — ya gotta be authentic!

Well Planned Web has a proven process for developing and nurturing a true voice for your company. During the process, your brand will shed the “conventional” dry writing style and adopt a consistent personality and voice for online content—whether it takes the form of written, video, audio or social content.

Why define a voice?

Informative content will certainly be a critical tool for capturing visitor attention, establishing expertise and credibility and, ultimately, generating online relationships and leads. A clear personality that reflects your culture, team and customer rapport will transform content from informative to influential.

Content With Personality Reaps Greater Rewards

Unique Content

Unique Content + Personality

  1. New Visitors
  2. Respect for your expertise/service
  3. Inbound links from other sites
  1. New Visitors
  2. Respect for your expertise/service
  3. Inbound links from relevant online forums, your current clients,  and social media visitors
  4. Repeat Visits
  5. New Fans/Followers (in social spaces)
  6. Increased Loyalty
  7. Comments and discussions

Let us help your business establish and maintain a unique, consistent voice and tone. Contact us!