Shut Up, Listen Up, and Read!

For those of you who have endured my voice and tone workshops and training, brace yourself. Deana’s got her “rant” voice on today.

If you’re a thought leader who’s genuinely ready to enlighten, educate and inspire others…awesome! Guess what? Your business will grow along with your online influence. This blog and my business are ALL ABOUT helping thought leaders find their voice online.

Smart business owners move me, inspire me and drive me like no one else can. I love making their content shine and empowering them to publish and scream about their expertise from the rafters. Those people ready to grow their business by helping others and facilitating change are what make my job so incredibly awesome.

But, here’s what chaps my hide…

For every generous visionary…there’s an arrogant know-it-all.

These are the guys (and gals) who know they need to build a hub of online content but don’t read a WORD anyone else is writing.

News Flash: The Web’s Top Influencers Read Other People’s Blogs

Do you think Chris Brogan or Gary Vaynerchuk made a killing by writing in a vacuum or thinking that online relationships were beneath them? (psst…for those don’t know who Chris and Gary are…they’re kind of a big deal 🙂 )

News Flash #2: Top Influencers Talk to and Listen to Other People

In recent weeks, I’ve heard repeatedly from people who are eager to produce content or get serious about publishing a breakthrough business blog only to be puzzled…even annoyed…when I explain that part of their coaching and training will be a listening strategy.

News Flash #3: You Can’t Find Your Voice Online if You Don’t Listen.

If you’re considering launching a professional blog and diving into social networking, think hard about your reasons.

  • Will your blog be a content hub meant to inspire, enlighten and facilitate discussion with others who need your help? Or is it a pulpit or stage for you to spout to what you view as an eagerly awaiting audience?
  • Do you see social networking as communicating with equals or broadcasting to the commoners?

Guess what? There’s a big difference between influence-builders and attention-seekers. Get a gut check before investing in an online pulpit. It may be short-lived.

Where to Start…

Are you a Thought Leader who’s genuinely hungry to read others’ content but don’t know where to begin?  Start with 5 Steps to Finding News Feeds and Blogs Worth Following. Read, read and then read some more. Form an opinion, share some comments, write a rant (like this one!).

Whew…rant over… (for now)

Deana Goldasich

Deana Goldasich, CEO and founder of Well Planned Web, plans and implements Content Marketing to help clients nurture leads, market their expertise and create an impactful presence online.

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