Why We’re Flipping the Funnel

Start talking about leads-focused content marketing and someone’s bound to whip out a version of the sales funnel. The team at Well Planned Web has one too. In fact, it’s been at the core of our content methodology for years. We work primarily with clients that have a complex sales cycle of six months or longer. Content must meet…

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How the FROM Line Can Make or Break Your Content

Delivering the right content to the right person at right time is a common marketing mantra these days. However, in B2B marketing, it’s critical to add “FROM the right person” to that statement, as well. Relationships Are Back It may sound clichéd, but the old saying is still true: People buy from people. To make…

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Why the “Mad Dash” to Content is Coming to an End

It’s no secret that Content Marketing has been the “mad-dash marketing” theme in recent years. For good reason. Content Marketing works when done right — especially for B2B marketers looking to help prospects research a complex product or service. But, word got out and we humans tend to spread (and tweak) any promises of instant…

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Lead Generation: Why It’s Not Working

“How many leads did we get?” This question reflects the ultimate metric of success in B2B Marketing today. After all, if content, communication, distribution and marketing are a success, the leads surely follow — right? Actually…in an effort to stream in gazillions of leads, many teams lose sight of what actually matters — long-term conversion, loyalty and…

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“But What If the Content Sucks?”

Recently, I had a great call with a prospective client. Quite frankly, it was my favorite kind of phone call. He soaked up our proposal and had so many fantastic questions. Like so many of our clients, this will be the first non-traditional marketing engagement his company dives into. Aside from talking about each anticipated…

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11 Eyebrow-Raising Moments From Content Marketing World

The Content Marketing Institute knocked it outta the park once again. Last year’s inaugural Content Marketing World event drew 600 of the world’s top content professionals. This year, the event compelled 1,000 of the top content brains to spend a week together — sharing content strategies, trends, challenges, success stories, case studies, awards and parties. I have…

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5 Signs That You Don’t Know Your Audience

As the marketing and online communication landscape whooshes by at the speed of light, one particular mantra seems to get louder and louder: “Know Thy Audience.” Listen up CEOs, CMOs and COOs: Audience Personas are not just a nice idea or a warm fuzzy. Locking eyes with your audience in every piece of communication is more…

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How to Stop Wasting Time in LinkedIn Groups

So, you think LinkedIn Groups are a waste of time? Chances are, if you’re simply “hanging out” here and there, you’re right. But like any networking effort — whether it be an in-person event, trade show or online forum — you’ll only get out what you put in. And, forget the shortcuts. There are no magical, cookie-cutter…

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