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It seems that a new sexy social network steals the spotlight each month — whether it’s Instagram surpassing Twitter or Tumblr and Pinterest taking over the world.

But, the fact remains: LinkedIn is still the top dog in the B2B Marketing and Sales arena. Why? It’s simple: LinkedIn has the power to turn a distant business contact into a warm lead. And, for the record, warm leads are four times more likely to convert.

Yet, as powerful as this business network is, 70% of sales professionals don’t have the training to harness the power of LinkedIn. Yikes!

Bottom Line: LinkedIn is an easy network to ignore. It’s not as sexy, gimmicky or even as visually appealing as some of the spotlight-stealers out there. But, if you’re serious about lead nurturing, LinkedIn is the network you can’t ignore.  [click to continue…]


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It’s no secret that Content Marketing has been the “mad-dash marketing” theme in recent years. For good reason. Content Marketing works when done right — especially for B2B marketers looking to help prospects research a complex product or service. But, word got out and we humans tend to spread (and tweak) any promises of instant profit like wildfire.

The Hype Cycle

Content Marketing has followed the Gartner Hype Cycle to a “T.” The Peak of Inflated Expectations included a flood of marketers looking to become the ultimate content-generating machines — pumping out as much content as possible. After all, during the hype, one could point to exploding editorial calendars, busy blogs and never-ending lists of ideas — all to get a collective hype-driven “hurray” from their superiors. Those same marketers were hoping their slew of content would skyrocket Google rankings.

Moving Into Productivity & Value

Fortunately, as we emerge from the peak, we’re now entering an era of Content Marketing Productivity. In short, Content Marketing will no longer be hailed for simply existing in a marketing plan — now it will be measured by its ability to “lock eyes” with B2B prospects as they research and make their decision.

Now, for the Numbers…

Proof: Quality Trumps Quantity

In a recent survey, B2B buyers
said that the vendor they chose:


  • Delivered content that had a significant impact on their buying decision (68%)
  • Delivered a better mix of content appropriate for each stage of the purchasing process (61%)
  • Provided higher quality content than other vendors (66%)
  • Produced content that was more conducive to building a business case for the purchase (63%)

At the same time, respondents did not agree or disagree that their winning vendor produced more content during the purchasing process — a sign that the amount of distributed content isn’t as relevant as the quality.

Source: DemandGen: 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey (Twitter: @DG_Report)

As for SEO and Google rankings? Well, Google spoke volumes about quality over quantity with its Penguin and Panda updates — continuing its firm move towards serving up quality search results for its visitors.

Proof: Results Can’t Be Rushed

During the Peak of Inflated Expectations, many companies expected that waving the “magic content wand” would force prospects to make their decisions faster — generating a flood of instant sales.

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If useful content is published but no one sees it, is it still useful?

There’s a growing epidemic among corporate content marketers and content producers. It’s a lack of a sharing. I’m not talking about lack of collaboration or not playing “nicey nice” in the sandbox. It’s about letting content die a slow, painful, pointless death after hitting that ever-loving “Publish” button.

Prospects actually WANT to see your (useful) content.

It’s probably no shock to you that there is a LOT of content out there. A daily avalanche, in fact. But that doesn’t mean you can’t compete for your prospects’ attention. In fact, it’s imperative that you do.

Mind you, this is different than the old days where you poured more dollars into advertising than the other guy. Today, it’s a matter of pouring on more *helpful* and *relevant* content. Help your prospect and they’ll take notice. Promise.

Content Sources Needed For Purchase

As Jay Baer noted in his recent keynote at Content Marketing Worldbuyers simply demand more content these days than ever before when making a decision: “In 2010, shoppers needed 5.3 sources of information before making a purchase decision. In 2011, just one year later, shoppers needed 10.4 sources before making a purchase decision.”

And we’re not just talking consumers here. B2B buyers are even thirstier for decision-making resources.

“B2B customers contact a sales rep only after 70% of the purchase decision has been made.”

Bottom Line: Useful content is the best pre-sales entity you’ll ever add to your team.

So, if helpful content goes unwritten, it’s a shame. But, if it exists and goes unseen — well, that’s just an outright crime.  [click to continue…]


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“How many leads did we get?”

This question reflects the ultimate metric of success in B2B Marketing today. After all, if content, communication, distribution and marketing are a success, the leads surely follow — right?

Actually…in an effort to stream in gazillions of leads, many teams lose sight of what actually matters — long-term conversion, loyalty and happy customers. Which, honestly, can be the harder nut to crack when you have multiple audiences, a long sales-cycle, and a prospect’s heavy-duty decision-making process.

So, let’s get real, people. Leads are not numbers. They’re people. They’re busy. They’re swamped. And they should never, ever be considered a notch in our belt.

Let’s Obsess Less About Numbers

In that monthly meeting with the C-Suite, are you bringing in metrics showing the volume of new leads? Does the table cheer loudly, challenge low numbers or simply nod in agreement with the “we’re holding steady” results?

The reality is that numbers alone do not tell the whole story of Lead Generation success.

Let’s Stop Setting Up the Sales Team for Failure

It’s an understandable knee-jerk reaction. You see a list of leads and assume it’s a “pot o’ gold” that the sales team will surely be thankful for. So, you waste no time in lobbing any and all leads their way. You consider the leads “captured,” check it off your to-do list and proudly pass the “buck” on to sales. But is your job really done?

Let’s look at the stats:

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Recently, I had a great call with a prospective client. Quite frankly, it was my favorite kind of phone call. He soaked up our proposal and had so many fantastic questions. Like so many of our clients, this will be the first non-traditional marketing engagement his company dives into. Aside from talking about each anticipated phase and line item, he asked a question that was so straightforward I nearly stood up and cheered.

As we explored the Content Creation phase, he paused and asked, “But what if the content sucks?”

How awesome is that?!

This is actually a question that I’m sure so many companies have. Yet, it’s the one question nobody asks! After all, they don’t want to offend or imply that Well Planned Web would ever produce rotten content. But, when investing thousands of dollars each month in a Content Strategy, shouldn’t you feel confident in what you’re getting? Yes. Yes, you should. So ASK that very question of any content agency you interview (okay, first choose whether the word “sucks” is part of your personal voice or tone :) ).

But here’s an important question for you to explore beforehand… [click to continue…]


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